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Maybe it's time to petition for a speed hump.  The LADOT opens up a review cycle every 6 months so people can apply for a speed hump for their street. Here are the kinds of streets that do qualify: -Residential streets that have 1 lane for each direction READ MORE >>

When you buy a new or used car, it usually comes with a manual. But MOST of us either don't look at it or only look at that when a light turns on on the dashboard. So I wanted to share a quick #carfact and focus on tire rotation and why it's important to get this done to your vehicle. READ MORE >>

Everyone knows we should focus while behind the wheel. But with technology infiltrating our lives it's hard not to get distracted at any time of the day, let alone in our cars. Luckily, distracted driving has declined over the last few years due to laws regulating phone use while driving. READ MORE >>

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